Beginning the Journey

A cancer diagnosis signals the start of a very personal and often scary journey—but remember that today’s treatments work better than ever.

If you recently got the unsettling news that you have breast cancer, the first thing to do is take a deep breath. Once you learn about your different treatment options, you can gather your inner strength and begin to formulate your plan.

Take Comfort in These Odds

Overall, 88% of women are thriving five years after diagnosis. And among women with early-stage breast cancer, the odds are even better—fully 98% are doing well five years after treatment!

But to Succeed…You Need a Plan

To make sure your treatment really works, you have to gather a lot of information to help make key decisions. And to do that, you’ll need to give yourself some time—time to find doctors you really click with, time to decide on a treatment plan that feels right for you. Don’t feel rushed! It’s okay to take a couple of weeks to weigh all your options. A little extra time won’t jeopardize a successful outcome, and it can make your whole experience more positive.

Think About Who You Want at Your Side

The most successful cancer treatment experiences depend on a team approach. It all starts with building a skilled and dedicated medical team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals. These folks will be backed up by a formidable array of effective treatments. Also by your side, along with family and friends, will be a sisterhood of women who have “been there, done that,” and can offer practical guidance, plus plenty of emotional support and encouragement.

Here’s the Bottom Line:

It’s true—you’re at the start of a demanding journey. But there’s every reason to believe that you will complete it successfully—feeling strong, healthy and ready to get on with your life.

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