Your Pathology Report

At last! Your doctor has your pathology report and is ready to discuss the next step in your treatment plan. A pathology report is a kind of “snapshot” of your cancer—a description of what the pathologist saw with his or her naked eye and under a microscope. Clues to the nature of a tumor come from how abnormal its cells look and what percentage of them is dividing. These and other factors are summed up as a grade of 1, 2 or 3. The higher the grade, the more aggressive the tumor. Find out more about what your pathology report reveals

Treatment Options

Your doctor may recommend chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery in any order or combination based on your particular type of cancer—it's not unusual!


Learn about your choices when it comes to reconstructive surgery, get recovery tips and more. 

Let’s Talk About Surgery
Your Breast Reconstruction Choices
Understanding Post-Surgery Options

What to Expect Right After Surgery
The Latest On Lymph-Node Surgery


Radiation can reduce the risk of cancer coming back by almost 30%. Get the basics on this treatment method.

Is Radiation the Next Step?

Planning for Radiation Side Effects



Although chemotherapy can cause side effects, there are ways for you to minimize them and ease your discomfort.

Fight Back Against Side Effects!
The Serious Side to Chemotherapy
Preparation is Key to Chemo Success
Let's Get Chemo Underway


To Wig or Not to Wig
Chemo Calendar
No More Nausea
Know Someone Having Chemo? 

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